What We Do

Red Earth / Terra Vermelha is a vibrant content house that creates, produces and delivers amazing content for today’s television, Internet and cinema audiences.

Since 2000, it has worked with leading television networks and distributors and serviced dozens of independent production companies from across the globe in all formats, including: Documentary; Feature Films; Commercials; TV programs; Corporate Communications; Branding Content; Live Pop Ups; online Live Show Web Casts and Video clips.

Red Earth / Terra Vermelha maintains a consistent signature of world-class production values in all that it does. It is known for editorial integrity, visual punch and innovation.

Awake to new media tendencies, the company’s clients also include HBO, Universal, National Geographic, BBC, ZDF, History Channel, Space TV, GNT, Channel 4, ITV, MTV, Directv, Viceland, Netflix, Discovery, Heineken, HSBC, Johnnie Walker, Jose Cuervo, Microsoft e Merryll Lynch Associates amongst others.

Cutting edge documentary, blue chip features films, TV drama series, delivered with fast access, tasteful execution and qualified

journalism. We create and produce Brazilian National TV series, Global Co-productions and carry out International Production support services.

With creative and technical market leaders accomplished in all these sectors, the company is adaptable to today’s changing market costs.

Our network is quick to pick up new potentials in the music, celebrity and performing arts world.  We link talents to brands in formats to

which they are best suited.  We deliver creative solutions for all budget scales and concept profiles, making the most out of trending and visibility.